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Mops Casino has a twin brother - Hold Casino. Both of them are blacklisted because they do not have a license or licensed games. If you remove the difference in pictures and the logo, then both casinos will be an exact copy of each other. They didn't even bother to change the fonts. In general, someone just churns out scripted casinos cheaper and bigger.

Hold Casino is a scripted casino, and you need to run away from it like an infection. Why? Because such sites offer fake software that can be tweaked as the owner of the casino wants.

Who is the owner of Hold Casino?

Of course, script casinos do not indicate any contacts. Hold Casino is no exception in this regard. Why expose yourself as the owner of an illegal casino? If on more or less normal sites at least the address and email are indicated, then scripted casinos do not even bother with this. The only means of communication is online chat.

But in the case of Hold Casino, there is speculation about who could be its owner. There is one streamer who calls himself Holdik. Judging by the name of the casino and the nickname of the streamer, thoughts involuntarily arise that they are connected. Although this is not the only thing that speaks about the connection. Holdik streams games from this casino and provides a direct link to the site. Partners don't do that.

Partners work for the casino, and they have special links by which casino operators recognize which partner the player came from. If Holdik does not need this link, then he receives a direct interest, that is, he is the owner of the casino. You don’t even need to say that you are a co-owner, because scripted casinos not only look cheap, but are also quite inexpensive. So, one person will completely master financial investments.

No license

Hold casino does not have a license, you don’t have to look and don’t ask. Script casinos answer the question about the license with some nonsense, such as this is secret information or we will send this information to you by email. In fact, everything is much simpler. Usually information about the license is located in the footer. If there is no icon of any jurisdiction, then most likely there is no license. Casinos will not hide such data.

Fake software

Recognizing a scripted casino is very simple. They give themselves away with their meager collection of games. Hold Casino has the same situation. There are few games, while one junk is offered. NetEnt releases 1-2 slots per month, and they have the newest ones - games released a year ago.

If that's not enough for you, you can see where the games are being downloaded from. This will be an undeniable fact of fraud. For example, NetEnt must be downloaded from Everything that is not loaded from there is a fake.

At Hold Casino, games from this developer are downloaded from There is a difference with the real NetEnt server. There is an extra "L" in the address. It looks like it at first glance, but it's still a fake. There are already known cases when scammers try to mow under the names of the original servers. For example, there were cases when NetEnt games were downloaded from Also quite similar, but instead of U in the address Y.

One of the many problems with scripted casinos like Hold Casino is that game returns can be easily customized. Therefore, the players are doomed to failure. No chance. Therefore, as soon as you determine that the casino is using fake software, close it.

Player Reviews of Hold Casino

Unlike some actively promoted script casinos, Hold Casino is almost unknown to anyone. So, it is not surprising that there are no player reviews about Hold Casino. In principle, specifically in cases with such scammers, no additional evidence is needed. The main thing is that you can accurately determine that the games are fake, there is no license, therefore, you should not play in the casino. Player reviews don't matter here. The casino can simply buy good player reviews. Therefore, it is better to believe the facts.

"Fast" withdrawals and lack of verification

Hold Casino assures that they have almost instantaneous withdrawals and verification of identity is only necessary in "extremely exceptional cases". All this, as you might guess, is just words. In fact, you will either not be allowed to win, or they will not be allowed to withdraw. Such casinos operate without counting on regular customers, so they can do whatever they want.


If there is no evidence of the honesty of the casino, then these are scammers. In the case of Hold Casino, there are only their words and no confirmation. There is no license, games are downloaded from the left servers, the casino does not even provide its email, not to mention the address, phone number and owner. These are clear signs that it is better not to mess with them. There are many worthy operators, choose from them.

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