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Volcano Prestige

Volkan Prestige is an online casino that is no different from all other establishments in this series. We are talking about fakes of the real "Volcano", with which the Internet is full. Players actively complain about them online, but for some reason they continue to play here anyway.

To understand the nature of the activities carried out by Vulkan Prestige, you can simply read these reviews on forums and other sites dedicated to gambling. By spending a little time analyzing Vulkan Prestige, you can identify the main points of contention. We invite you to familiarize yourself with some points.

License question

Some "Volcanoes" place on their websites information allegedly about licenses or simply stamps of these licenses. Of course, all this does not prove the legality of their activities, but still. Vulcan Prestige didn't even bother to do that. If you try to find at least one mention of a casino license on the site, you will simply waste your time. Players need to remember that any copy of Vulcan cannot be licensed. Therefore, such establishments conduct their activities absolutely illegally.

Players who believe that a license is a mere formality will fall for scammers more than once. Despite the fact that gambling business is prohibited in our country, casinos should still have the right to provide services of this type. In this case, they are subject to the licensor and regulatory authorities. They cannot act with impunity. In case of detection of fraud by the casino, he is issued a warning, and in case of repeated misconduct, the entrepreneur's license is taken away. Casinos like Vulkan Prestige are not controlled in any way and cannot be punished.

This means that when you deposit your money with Vulkan Prestige, you give funds to a person who does not bear any responsibility to you. Even if he just blocks your account after that, you will not be able to do anything to him. Yes, even a casino with a license is difficult to demand, but still.

Vulkan Prestige avoids regular inspections by commissions. Their random number generator works as the owner of the establishment wants. Today he will give the players a couple of good wins, and the next few days - none. Do you want to play by these rules?

Fake vending machines

Official developers of slot machines will never provide their original products to an institution without a license. In fairness, it should be noted that fraudulent casinos do not want to use them, because then you will have to follow certain rules. Vulcan Prestige has copies of licensed slots that only look like their prototypes. Again, this criterion is often neglected by inexperienced players, but it is just as important as the license of the casino itself.

A fake device without a license is a kind of “sponge” that is ready to absorb any software algorithms. Of course, these algorithms are set by the casino owner. If he wants, the slot will not give out money as winnings at all. By the way, this is not uncommon for dishonest establishments. To see firsthand how fake slots are set up, you can search for relevant videos on the net - there are a lot of them.

A licensed machine is a completely different matter. It is closed from outside interference. Only the official developer can change its settings. And even the most virtuoso hackers will not be able to do anything, since this software is located on the manufacturer's server. The software is simply displayed on the casino pages.

To make sure that the Vulkan Prestige slot machines are fake, you just need to open their source code in the browser. There you will see links to unknown servers, and there should be links to the resources of official developers. The "correct" addresses can be found on the Internet.

Scripts and weak returns

These two points always go hand in hand. Weak returns are synonymous with low return rates. That is, the casino takes a certain amount from the players, but returns almost nothing. For reference: honest casinos return about 80-90% to customers. To feel the weak recoil of the Vulcan Prestige machines, you can just play a few sessions here. Of course, this is not worth doing. This is just as an example. You would notice that winnings here are extremely rare.

The low return percentage of Vulkan Prestige can be achieved with the help of scripts. These are the very algorithms that the fake machine "absorbs" into itself. A script is a scenario according to which game sessions develop and spins are calculated. If the original software gives random values, then the fake one - pre-prepared. Naturally, in such conditions it is almost impossible for a client to win anything.

Using someone else's name is illegal

This factor does not affect the gameplay in any way, but is the symbol of the activity "Volcano Prestige". To expect fair play from an establishment stealing someone else's brand is naivety and shortsightedness.

The real casino "Volcano", unlike its copies, is subject to the laws and regulations of the countries. In 2009, when the law on the prohibition of gambling activities was issued, this company left our market. But a holy place is never empty: its place was immediately taken by a variety of fakes, "leaving" at the expense of someone else's name.

Players can be advised one thing: give up trying to find the original "Volcano". In these searches, you will run into scammers more than once, to whom you simply give your money.


No matter how much trust the name “Volcano” inspires in you, we strongly recommend that you pass by such casinos. Unlicensed machines, scripts and an unscrupulous owner will never let you win. Instead, you will lose funds without any chance of success. The same applies to all copies of the "Volcano". Find an honest casino for gambling - there are a lot of them on the Internet, you can be sure.

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